KI Immune Defence - 30 Tablets

KI Immune Defence - 30 Tablets

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Ki Immune Defence & Energy Formula is high potency herbal medicine to help protect against viral infections, boost immunity and increase energy when recovering from illness.

Ki Immune Defence & Energy Formula contains:

Astragalus 5g (Astragalus membranaceus root) – helps stimulate white blood cells and enhance antibodies to strengthen the immune system. Astragalus is a potent energy tonic and an antioxidant that protects cells and cardiovascular health.

Shiitake Mushroom 3g (Lentinula edodes mushroom) – is known as a powerful immune stimulant that increases and enhances the activity and number of white blood cells and helps to build stamina.

Olive tree leaf 2g (Olea europaea leaf) – An antioxidant that helps protect cells, assist to fight infections and strengthens the body at the first signs of weakness.

Ki Immune Defence & Energy Formula can help support you during times of high physical and mental workloads:

  • Frequent travel
  • When you’re busy or stressed
  • Persistent reoccurring infections
  • Allergies or seasonal hay fever and sinusitis
  • Exam or testing preparation, increased workload
  • Fatigued and run down
  • Supports recovery from mild illness

Ki Immune Defence & Energy Formula is not a dietary supplement but a herbal medicine that works specifically on the immune system cells and antibodies.

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