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Vitality Spray - brush and go - fur care, dematter, booster and conditioner

A rich formula with natural evening primrose oil makes this gloss spray a high-performance spray for dematting a dog’s hair.

Highly effective and very mild at the same time, it frees your dogs fur from irritating mats. Easy to use thanks to the smooth atomizer, suitable for short and long hair, no greasy resedue.

Fast and easy grooming, no silicone, suitable for all breeds.


  • Care & styling: spray on the hair from a distance of 20 cm while brushing. It's an antistatic and gives a perfect gloss. The vitality spray also can be used for a perfect preparation for trimming and grooming.
  • Dematting: spray into firm knots, rub in and let the hair absorb it for one minute, then brush it out.

Booster Spray on the wet dog hair after shampooing, rub in well, let the hair absorb it, brush/comb, blow dry or let it air-dry.

Conditioner Particularly suited for quick care in between. Spray in layers into dry hair, then comb or brush. It gives the dog hair a silky gloss and a fresh fragrance.


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